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Illy Espresso

Based in Trieste, Italy, Illy has spent the last 70 years, 3 generations, focusing on the quality of their product which has earned them a reputation as being a world renown authoritative figure in the coffee industry.

Using Single blend 100% Arabica Beans, Illy provides two roasts: medium and dark. After sorting and roasting, Illy's beans are packaged using a patented pressurization process that allows a two-year freshness life for unopened cans. Illy always purchases its beans directly from the growers and never off of the commodities market. Illy also purchases coffee at a higher price to both ensure a better product, and to guarantee that their partners have money to nurture their businesses.

Illy leads the world in programs that foster sustainability and quality. Over the years, Illy has earned several awards and established educational programs aimed at enriching the lives of growers and their families in coffee growing countries. These include: the University of Coffee, which focuses on production as well as farm management practices; and the Trieste Science Prize that rewards pioneer scientists in developing countries.

Here at Bottega Italiana we love Illy for it's smooth flavor, fine colour and for the way it can make hours pass like moments.

Illy Products We Offer


Freshly ground Illy coffee pulled into a single shot of espresso

Single shot of Illy espresso combined with hot steamed milk and topped with a thick layer of foam

Macchiato Caldo

Single shot of Illy espresso topped off with hot steamed milk

Macchiato Freddo

Single shot of Illy espresso served with cold milk on the side


Single shot of Illy espresso pulled with a shorter extraction creating a thicker, more flavorful drink<

Espresso Lungo

Single shot of Illy espresso pulled with a longer extraction. Served with a small pitcher of water on the side
Espresso Con Panna

Single shot of Illy espresso served with a bowl of whipped cream


Single shot of Illy espresso prepared with a drop of hot steamed milk

All' Americana

Illy espresso served in a cappuccino cup and diluted with hot water

Caffe Latte

Illy espresso served with hot steamed milk and a little froth

Cappuccino Viennese

Illy cappuccino served with whipped cream and garnished with cocoa powder

Capuccino Freddo

Illy espresso served with cold milk and crushed ice

Illy Products To Take Home

Espresso Coffee Beans

Take the perfectly balanced taste of Illy home. Currently available in whole bean, fine grind and decaffeinated options at one of our Bottega Italiana locations.